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MCI 2005 NS


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MCI 2005 NS (normal set) is a liquid concrete admixture that protects steel reinforcing, carbon steel, galvanized steel, and other metals embedded in concrete from corrosion induced by carbonation, chloride, and atmospheric attack without changing the set time of most concrete mixes. Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors MCI® -2005NS protects by a time-proven migratory corrosion inhibitor function. In addition, it contains a proven contact inhibitor. When incorporated into the concrete mix, Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) seek out and form a corrosion inhibiting protective layer on metals. When used with repair mortars and grouts, MCI® -2005 NS will migrate to undisturbed concrete providing effective corrosion protection to rebar already in place. Structural Materials and Restoration Technologies, LLC.

MCI 2005 NS is an organic corrosion inhibitor. It is considered ambiodic (mixed), meaning it protects both anodic and cathodic areas within a corrosion cell. MCI 2005 NS contains a blend of amine salts of carboxylic acids which form a protective layer on embedded reinforcement delaying the onset of corrosion as well as reducing existing corrosion rates. MCI 2005 NS is effective at enhancing the durability and extending the service life
of concrete structures exposed to corrosive environments (carbonation, chlorides, and atmospheric attack).

• Reinforced concrete including precast, pre-stressed, and post-tensioned structures
• Corrosive environments including exposure to deicing salts, saline groundwater,
airborne chlorides, and carbonation
• Marine and coastal structures, highways and bridges, parking decks, balconies,
pools, concrete tanks, pilings, substructures, piers, pillars, pipes, and utility poles

• Biobased (27%)
• Earns credit towards LEED certification
• Lower toxicity and environmental impact than traditional corrosion inhibiting
admixtures such as calcium nitrite
• Low dosage rate with minimal effect on concrete properties (i.e. workability,
strength development, air entrainment, etc.)
• Single dosage rate which is independent of expected exposure to chlorides
• Ability to migrate through porous substrates (concrete, masonry, limestone, etc.)
by capillary action, vapor diffusion and ionic attraction
• Meets all requirements of ASTM C1582

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