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Krystol T1 Concrete Waterproofing

Krystol T1® Concrete Waterproofing  Kryton Krystol Plug

Application Instructions

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Application Overviews

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  • Waterproofing Water Tanks Resevoirs / View
  • Waterproofing Wastewater Treatment Tanks / View

Krystol T1® Concrete Waterproofing

Krystol T1 Concrete Waterproofing is a surface applied crystalline slurry treatment that transforms new or existing concrete into a permanent waterproof barrier.
Krystol T1 lowers the permeability of the concrete to protect against the ingress of water and waterborne chemicals. Since it becomes integral to the concrete, it can be applied to either the positive (wet) or negative (dry) side of the water pressure which allows reliable hydrostatic waterproofing protection and remediation for even the most difficult applications. Krystol T1 contains Krystol technology. When applied to concrete, Krystol chemically reacts with water and un-hydrated cement particles to form insoluble needle-shaped crystals that fill capillary pores and micro-cracks in the concrete and block the pathways for water and waterborne contaminants. Any moisture introduced over the lifespan of the concrete will initiate crystallization, ensuring permanent waterproofing protection.

• Effective against high hydrostatic pressure; tested to 140 m (460 ft) of head pressure
• Reliably self-seals hairline cracks up to 0.5 mm (0.02 in)
• Best waterproofing solution for repair and remediation
o Repair from the positive or negative side of the water pressure
o Fixes membrane failures without excavating
• Lasts longer and more reliable than traditional waterproofing membranes, liners and coatings
o Becomes integral to the concrete; can’t be damaged and won’t deteriorate
o Permanent waterproofing; reactivates in the presence of moisture
o Lower initial and long term waterproofing costs
• Safe for contact with potable water, certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61
• Protects against chlorides and corrosion of reinforcing steel
• Protects against bio-acid attack in sewers
• Can be applied to concrete during early stages of strength development (green concrete)
• Easy to apply – cost effective installation
• Available in Grey or White