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Corrosion Inhibitor Case Study

Miami Valley Hospital Garage 

When the parking garage at Miami Valley Hospital needed critical structural repairs due to corrosion damage, the hospital turned to S.M.A.R.T Distribution and Cortec for an effective rehabilitation solution. By utilizing a suite of Cortec’s MCI admixtures and surface treatments, SMART enabled the contractor to restore the damaged concrete and provide enhanced corrosion protection. MCI-2020M was applied to the slab surface for protection while MCI-2020VO targeted active corrosion spots. MCI-2005NS admixture was added to the new repair concrete to boost durability. The project was finished on time, under budget, and with minimal disruption to hospital operations. This case study highlights how Cortec’s products, distributed by S.M.A.R.T Distribution, can be used to efficiently restore and protect critical infrastructure from corrosion.

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Hamilton County West Road Bridge

When Hamilton County wanted to build bridges that would last 100 years, they turned to Cortec’s MCI-2005NS concrete admixture. This case study shows how specialty supplier S.M.A.R.T Distribution and concrete producer Moraine Materials helped Hamilton County meet their ambitious bridge lifespan goal. By integrating Cortec’s innovative corrosion inhibiting admixture into the concrete mix, the county ensured the new West Road Bridge would stand the test of time. With MCI-2005NS added during batching, the bridge concrete achieved enhanced corrosion resistance without affecting workability, setting, or strength development. The project was completed on time and on budget to the county’s satisfaction. This case study offers valuable insights for civil engineers and contractors seeking to improve infrastructure durability and longevity.

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