Case History of SMART Distribution, LLC.

Case History of SMART Distribution, LLC.

Multi-Level Parking Structure Preservation – Case History

Problem: The high amounts of chlorides present in the soil posed high risk of corrosion to the reinforcing steel bars.

Product Used: MCI 2005

Via Motta Building

Problem: The building was beginning to show signs of minor corrosion and carbonation.

Product Used: MCI 2020 & MCI 2038

Cochrane Bridge AL-DOT

Problem: Voids were detected in “stay” cables on the Cochrane Bridge in Mobile, AL.

Product Used: MCI Mini Grenades

The Rudolph Tegners Museum

Problem: Severe corrosion to the rebar within the building’s concrete was causing concern regarding the structure’s integrity.

Products Used: MCI 2020, MCI 2023, MCI 2038, MCI 2039, VpCI 386

C.A.T. Consorci D’Aigües De Tarragona – Case History

Problem: Corrosion problems were detected in different areas of their 13.300 m2 pipeline system.

Product Used: MCI 2020, MCI 2023, MCI 2039, MCI 2006NS

University of Cincinnati Crosley Towers

Problem: Due to the low cover of concrete over the rebar, corrosion was evident

Products Used: MCI 2020 & MCI 2020 V/O


Problem: Corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel was causing spalling on the walls.

Product Used: MCI 2020 V/O

DePere Waste Water Treatment Plant – Case History

Problem: Corroding and spalled areas, as well as exposed rebar had to be repaired

Product Used: MCI 2020, MCI 2023, MCI 2038

Wells Fargo Parking Garage

New Project: The post-tensioned structure required approximately 3,750 gallons of Cortec® MCI® 2005 NS

Pacific Tower

Problem: Carbonation and spalling of the concrete.

Product Use: MCI 2020