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What is Cortec MCI Corrosion Inhibitor (MCI®) Technology?

What is Kryton’s Waterproofing Concrete and Durability Technology?

MCI corrosion inhibitors (MCI®) are a crucial part in protecting steel and concrete reinforced structures from the corrosion process. These protective layers improve their life expectancy by minimizing wear, providing increased durability for longer lasting results. MCI®  greatly extends the service life of new and existing structures by proactively delaying the on-set of corrosion and keeping rates low after initiation.

Cortec® MCI® products maintain structural integrity, rehabilitate vulnerable structures and alleviate environmental concerns. Cortec MCI corrosion inhibitor surface application remains the leader in extending the surface life for corrosion prone materials.

The corrosion resistance of MCIs are based on their classification as mixed rust inhibitors, meaning, they affect both anodic and cathodic portions in a cell. This increases the life expetency of the structure and protects the integritiy of the reinforcement.

  • Proven crystalline technology that ensures waterproofing for the life of the concrete structure.
  • Durability-enhancing technology that increases concrete durability and its resistance to highly abrasive and erosive forces.
  • Outstanding customer service from our field-level support that provides answers and guidance.
  • Independently accredited proof of performance from organizations such as the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), NSF International and CE. Kryton works with industry, academic, and governmental bodies around the world to develop certification standards and testing methodologies.
  • Kryton is the leader in durability solutions, whether you need crystalline waterproofing, concrete hardening technologies or a concrete sealant.
  • No other products are more permanent in keeping water out of concrete and increasing its erosive-abrasive resistance.